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My name is Emaan. You could say I’m just your regular old Cali girl, daughter of Egyptian immigrants, collector of Jordans, self-proclaimed emotional gangster and founder of KETISH. I’m just trying to figure out this crazy little thing called life, same as everybody else.

Here is my story.
I was born and raised in the States, in a strict Muslim Egyptian-American home. My parents immigrated to California from Egypt and left everything they knew, to give me and my sister a better life.

Growing up, we never talked about sex. Feminine health was also taboo. When it came to topics of sex and body parts, we steered all the way clear from the conversation. I was taught that nothing good can come from it and I didn’t need to worry about it until I was married.
But, there was a disconnect in the Abbass household.

The older I got, the more I wanted to explore my ever-changing anatomy, my sexuality, and the challenges my body was facing. In front of my family, I suppressed these feelings. I learned to just figure it out, often turning to books, Google searches, clinic visits, and wine-induced convos with my girlfriends to curb my anxiety and educate myself.

During my very first gynecological exam, cancer was discovered on my cervix. It was caused by HPV that had gone undetected. I was terrified.

What felt heaviest, was the overwhelming guilt and shame that settled in when I realized I couldn’t turn to my family. After all, this had happened because of a type of lifestyle they were fundamentally against... In other words, I was having sex. I knew I’d have to face this on my own. That was my reality and I felt incredibly alone.

For the next 8 years, it was procedure after procedure, scan after scan, scare after scare. My body had gone through so much. The shame and pressure that I carried seemed to prolong my road to recovery and just added another layer that no woman needs. I was the queen of compartmentalizing my life, which is how I dealt with it. I’d turn to unhealthy distractions to get me through the tough moments.

After years of poor coping mechanisms, my body started giving me major signals that it was time to fully pay attention. It started manifesting other feminine health issues, so I knew I couldn’t just keep sidelining my body anymore.

My experiences made me realize just how important caring for my intimate health was, and I became super aware of the products I was using.

I remember scouring the pharmacies and drug stores, hoodie up, trying to find products that not only made me feel good, but were good for my body too. Although some feminine care products have always existed, I found they were often topical, cliché, lacking credibility or were just low-key embarrassing to purchase. I had all these questions about them, like, “Is it OK to douche? Can I put deodorant on this thing? What’s a chafing balm? Will I get Toxic Shock Syndrome and die if I sleep in this thing?”

I always found myself back at the same conclusion: this sh*t is hard.

My hunt for body care went beyond the drugstore. I wanted more than a treatment and temporary fix. I wanted a lifestyle.

I was looking for powerful, easy-to-understand products that made me feel sexy and proud to display. But, I couldn’t find them.

I was looking for answers about my body and how to care properly for my feminine health, free of judgement. But, I couldn’t find them.

It was then that I figured out my purpose was to create something that women like me always needed, but never had. As women, we have so many external circumstances that can silence us. Some of us will live our whole lives without truly understanding our bodies, arousal, and desire because of those factors. To better understand ourselves and our needs, we need to be educated, we need to play and discover, and take the time to understand the evolution of our bodies as women.

Enter, KETISH.

More than just look-good, feel-good products, I wanted KETISH to be safe space to come and engage in the conversation. An unapologetic community that she can turn to, to learn and discover all things health, sex, vaginas, relationships, and beyond, from women that are just like her.
KETISH has been in the works since 2018, but it has been a lifetime in the works for me. From my feminine health battles, to breaking through the cultural bounds around sexual oppression and shame.

This journey to discovering my femininity hasn’t been an easy one. Some of my darkest and most challenging moments have brought me to this point. They’ve made me into the woman that I am. They made KETISH come to life, and I am so excited to finally share it with the world!