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Contributing Writer

Mai Abdeljaber

Mai is a first-generation Palestinian-American writer, editor, and media expert. She helped build and expand what quickly became the fastest growing online platform created by and for Muslim and minority women in the United States. With over one million unique views in under 3 years, MissMuslim continues to make monumental waves in a community that is so resistant to change. Mai has over a decade of experience at some of the most well-known media corporations such as Starcom, BBC America, and Nickelodeon Networks.

Living and traveling between the United States and the Middle East is a major influence in her work. It allows for an expansive mindset, the ability to adapt to any environment and understand a broad spectrum of personalities, ideologies, beliefs, and cultures. This is pivotal when addressing sensitive topics to an audience that embodies generations of conservative principles. Mai’s work with KETISH will focus on breaking down gender roles, social constructs, and the psychology of family and relationship dynamics.

She earned her degree in Communications and Media Studies & Psychology at New York’s Fordham University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Psychology. Mai is living between Dubai and her hometown in New Jersey. You can take a deeper dive into her work at and follow her on social @mai_abdel.