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4 Ways to Get to Know Yourself On a Deeper Level

4 Ways to Get to Know Yourself On a Deeper Level

By: Shelby Thomas


The modern woman has a lot to juggle. All too often, we devote our time, our energy, and our creativity to the people and projects around us, leaving little to none for our own self-exploration. When the question ‘who am I?’ echoes within our minds without an answer, we can be left feeling totally lost, looking at everyone else and wondering how they seem to have it all figured out, craving clarity about our dreams and our desires. This can be a confusing, numbing, and lonely place to be. Psst...if you’ve ever felt like this, congratulations—you’re human! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Feeling a lack of understanding or connection with yourself is your heart’s loving guidance to look inward with compassion. In doing so, you can expect your life to change in a big way and all for the better. Getting to know yourself on a deeper level means strengthening your connection to your intuition, becoming grounded, elevating your confidence to new heights, and determining what it is you truly want. 

Here are four simple ways to get to know yourself on a deeper level.


1. Spend time by yourself 

There is a difference between feeling lonely and being alone; the latter can be a beautifully honest space wherein you get to enjoy your own company. Without pressure to go with another’s flow or accommodate the wants of anyone else, you're left to indulge in your own vibes... and wow can that feel terrifying at first! But, lean in, sis. Get comfortable in your own presence, doing so with gentle tenderness. Nurturing this comfort within yourself will help you to feel at ease in any room you walk into. So take yourself on a lunch date, marathon your favorite movies, or cook your favorite meal. This sacred time is the first step to getting to know and falling in love with who you are.


2. Try something new 

It’s really easy to spend downtime mindlessly scrolling through social media or watching your go-to TV show...again. Instead, challenge yourself to experience something totally new. Been wanting to try a rock climbing gym, new dance class, or delicacy you can’t pronounce? Go for it! New experiences give us fresh perspective and serve as a reminder that we are dynamic, zestful individuals capable of shaking it up at any moment. This fresh energy will break through limiting beliefs by introducing you to a new side of yourself, and, love, it’s so nice to meet you.



3. Journal  

Putting pen to paper is a simple yet wildly effective way to illuminate your inner world. The key here is to let your thoughts flow freely. No editing. No filter. No judgment. Only openness and curiosity about whatever arises. In our heads, our thoughts and beliefs can feel a bit tangled up. By allowing them to live safely on paper—for your eyes only—you are able to more quickly get to the heart of the matters of the mind. The clarity that comes with this patient and honest approach is beyond freeing and incredibly therapeutic. 


4. Go back to the basics 

Many people have a habit of seeking to get to know themselves in the midst of a personal crisis. We feel motivated by loneliness, missed opportunities, and conflict to pause and ask, who am I and what do I want? The natural barrier with this timing is that these difficult emotions often go hand-in-hand with disrupted self-care habits. Maybe our appetite has lessened due to stress or we aren’t sleeping as well. Perhaps we feel drained and don’t feel energized enough to exercise. For healthy thought patterns and optimal self-exploration, we must take care of ourselves first. Make sure that you are getting enough rest, drink lots of water, prioritize movement every day, and nourish your body with balanced meals. Feel free to take it a step further and enjoy other activities you love. A warm shower, reading a good book, cleaning your space, getting together with friends, whatever feels soothing to you. Then, once you’ve found some balance, refer to the three tips above.

The takeaway is this: You’re the best friend you’ve always wanted and have always had. Getting to know yourself is a beautiful, lifelong adventure. There’s no specific destination, but each step forward will bring the purest love, acceptance, and clarity. Be patient, be loving, and enjoy the journey home to yourself. 



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