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A Guide to Creating the Perfect Self-Care Kit for Your Period

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Self-Care Kit for Your Period

by Shelby Thomas 

Menstruation gets kind of a bad rap. In tampon commercials, it’s often personified as a menacing monster coming to ruin your day. We call its arrival your “time of the month” with the same energy Harry Potter fans use when referring to Volde—I mean, he-who-must-not-be-named. While periods do come bearing gifts, we tear open the proverbial wrapping paper to find frustrating fatigue, confining cramps, horrible headaches, and melancholy mood swings. Yes, I used alliteration to make periods seem more fun…and, yes, I’m aware it didn’t work.

So, how can we break the cycle of dreading our cycles? Many women have found their answer in the period self-care kit: a pre-selected collection of items meant to provide relaxation and relief each month. While subscription period boxes are starting to pop up in places like the US, the majority of the females around the world still have to rely on their own creativity. So here we go, enter our guide to creating the perfect kit for your period. Find a box or basket, take a mindful moment to decorate, and compile the following items to start making amends with menstruation:

For the pain

The physical symptoms of your period can sometimes be the most debilitating. Abdominal cramps, lower back pain, breast tenderness, bloating, and headaches make Ibuprofen a must-have for your self care kit. If you prefer an all-natural remedy, The Potion—the second product by KETISH—is our favorite way to soothe and comfort those period woes. For those who have access, topical CBD products are also a great option to soothe body pain from the outside in. Still feeling uncomfortable? Throw in a heating pad or heated blanket for optimal coziness. 

For comfort 

Whether or not your periods are particularly painful, discomfort tends to be a hallmark of menstruation. We feel more restless than refreshed, so creating small moments of comfort is key. A quick way to  maximize the cozy vibes is by tapping into your senses of touch and smell. Scented candles, refreshing lotions, soft blankets, and comfy socks all help set the tone of luxury, so throw them in the box!

For mood 

Menstruation cycles are characterized by hormonal fluctuation that can greatly impact one’s emotional and mental health. Some may become more tired than usual, feel a bit antisocial, or experience minor mood swings. Others cope with significant mood disorders such as Perimenopausal Depression, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). These conditions interrupt daily life, cause distress, and include symptoms such as anxiety, social isolation, hopelessness, fatigue, irritability, tearfulness, and more that occur in the weeks leading up to the period. In your kit, include any activities that you enjoy and that bring you a sense of calm. Consider puzzles, books, journals, drawing pads, video games, and knitting supplies! 

If you think you may be experiencing Depression, PMS, or PMDD, make an appointment with your doctor. 

For nourishment

While you may keep these snacks in the fridge or pantry, they are just as important to round out your period pampering. Water is a must any day of the month and will help mitigate uncomfortable bloating. Fruit provides natural sugar that will curb cravings for processed sweets that lead to depleted energy. For iron, up your intake of dark chocolate, leafy greens, or even iron supplements. Peppermint tea is also great for mitigating abdominal cramps and the mug feels nice and warm against your tum. Read about the benefits of these snacks and more here.

For cleansing:

No period self-care kit would be complete without The Quickie refreshing and deodorizing wipes. They are individually wrapped and made with gentle ingredients to cleanse and soothe your most intimate parts. The Quickie can help make your period week more bearable, seamless, and are super convenient to take with you anywhere. Aside from the amazing scent that is designed to complement your body’s natural smell, The Quickie can be used all over your body as a skin cleanser as well! 

For grounding

Write a loving letter to yourself. Include things that you are grateful for. List qualities about yourself that you love. This is the time to shower yourself with compliments, drawing attention to your growth and your strengths. This note will be a reminder to honor all that you are through any emotional or physical discomfort. 

Remember, you know yourself best! Try out these ideas and throw in all of your favorites too! At the first sign of menstruation, take comfort in knowing that your past self has gifted you self-care, granting you permission to take exactly what you need. Go from ‘time of the month’ to ‘favorite time of the month,’ because you deserve it, period.
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