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Free Shipping on all orders of $50 or more!
An Open Letter to Every Woman

An Open Letter to Every Woman

To all the women out there, from every culture, continent and community:

This is a message just for you. It’s time we get real. 

We know you’ve heard it before… all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”. Growing up, you were hit with the, “what are people going to think?” and too often told to “behave.” You were raised to believe that taking care of your feminine wellness was strictly medical. Maybe you’ve made some not-so-fond memories, awkwardly telling your family doctor that something felt a little off down there. Or… Maybe you were even taught that your feminine wellness wasn’t important or even okay to talk about. With anyone. That it was reserved for baby-making, after you got married. Anything else was just a dirty secret. 

Any of this sound familiar? We hear you. We are you. And trust us, we are 100% here for you.

This brand was born out of a burning need to free ourselves from stigmas and embrace self-expression. We wanted to build a no-rules support system for women who feel like they’ve been going through the wringer alone. Well, this is a public service announcement to say you are not alone and it’s time we redefine the conversation, together.

Through KETISH, we want to show you that your feminine wellness is worth paying attention to. You have a right to feel good, to feel comfortable in your own skin and to want the very best for your whole self— mind, body and spirit. We promise to get you there, by bringing you the knowledge, sisterhood and TLC you didn’t even know you needed.

To us, taking care of our feminine wellness can’t be about those low-key embarrassing drugstore treatments anymore. We truly believe it deserves a spot at the forefront of self-care. So what did we do about it? We poured our hearts into creating a sexy, luxurious lineup of expert-approved, multi-beneficial products, to pamper women from head to toe - but especially in the middle. Each one will exist to cater to your delicate feminine health, while making you feel hella sexy at the same time. Win-win, baby. It’s the least ya’ll deserve.

All we can say is, watch this space. Things are about to shake up.


With love, 


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