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The Power of Body Language: Simple Tips to Boost Your Confidence

The Power of Body Language: Simple Tips to Boost Your Confidence

By Shelby Thomas

Okay, so picture this. You step softly into the room and immediately, all eyes are on you. Don’t worry, you don’t miss a beat. Instead, you make your way to your seat with poise and purpose. Your mere presence makes those around you feel uplifted and encouraged. Though you haven’t said a word, your energy speaks for itself and, babe, the message is clear: I am radiant. I am powerful. I am confident. 

For many of us, this vision feels more like the culminating scene of a rom-com than anything that would ever happen in real life. Yet, if we looked a bit closer, we would notice that transforming from shy and shaky to sophisticated and self-assured may not be as hard as it seems. Don’t believe me? Check out these simple body language tweaks that will immediately boost your confidence. 

1. Sit or stand tall:

In many ways, women are told to shrink themselves to make others more comfortable. A tall spine is a subtle yet revolutionary declaration that we deserve to take up space. I’ll say that again: you deserve to take up space. So reach a little closer to the sun, love; a reminder that you shine just like it. 

2. Chin up:

Speaking of the sun...hey, what’s that up in the sky? Made you look! Now don’t move a muscle...this is by far the simplest but most impactful confidence builder. A face positioned just slightly upward communicates openness and reminds us to hold our heads high. It shows we are alert, present, and makes it easier to…

3. Look people in the eyes:

When in conversation, show you are engaged by maintaining comfortable eye contact. It can be tempting to look away, but holding another’s gaze is a game changer when it comes to conveying confidence. We communicate a calm sense of control that invites others deeper into the interaction, ultimately leading to greater understanding and consideration of our input. 

4. Nod:

That last tip making you feel awkward? First off, remember to blink! Secondly, add a nod. This gentle gesture conveys interest and thoughtfulness. Rather than fading into the background; a simple nod says, “Yeah, I’m here. I’m part of the conversation.” 

5. Soften your face:

Let go of tension between your brows, unclench your teeth, and let your jaw rest heavy. If you really want to invite self-esteem, allow a light smile to settle on your lips. Feel the immediate difference in your energy and let it radiate.

6. Consider your clothes:

Not only does how we hold and move our body impact how we feel, but the clothes we put on it do too. Wearing clothes that make you feel your best—whether that’s comfortable, sexy, bold, modest, or all of the above—is empowering and helps you feel ready to take on the day.

These are six simple ways to remind yourself that you are the captivating, confident main character; script, costume design, and character development all by you. So cue the music and remember that you hold so much power in your body language. You got this, Queen… aaand action! 

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