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Everything You Need to Know About The Potion Soothing Oil

Everything You Need to Know About The Potion Soothing Oil

We’re so excited to introduce our girl gang to the second product in the KETISH line-up: a magical soothing oil called The Potion. It’s a 100% natural remedy that your body needs and deserves. You’re bound to fall in love with it on the first try. 

Packed with ingredients that are renowned for their feminine wellness superpowers, The Potion was created to help soothe away period discomfort and muscle tension during various stages of the monthly cycle. It’s formulated with a super-blend of nourishing plant oils and soothing botanicals like hempseed, lavender, clary sage, bergamot, eucalyptus, and arnica that can be used topically on pressure points or all over the body in a ritual of self-love and comfort.

Perfect for those self-care moments when your body deserves to be honored, The Potion may not be actual magic, but it's as close as you’ll get. 

Here’s everything you need to know about The Potion: your license to slow down, tune into your body, and honor yourself. 

What It Is

The Potion Soothing Oil bottle with dropper

The Potion is a potent and 100% natural soothing oil blend with calming aroma- therapeutic properties that aim to soothe and comfort on contact. This luxurious, multi-purpose formula glides onto skin to soothe muscle tension and ease period woes, leaving you in total comforted bliss.



The Inspo

The Potion Soothing Oil with Emaan Abbass holding dropper

Every KETISH product is inspired by the needs and desires of real women, and this one is no different. Approximately 84% of menstruating women experience period pain. Our founder, Emaan Abbass, is among those women, having experienced the misery of menstrual discomfort herself. 

As someone with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Emaan would go months without a period—but when she did have one, the pains were unbearable. Tired of popping pain killers, she wanted to create a natural remedy that would help calm and soothe her body during the difficult phases of her monthly cycle. She not only did just that, but she made it smell incredible, too.

How To Use The Potion

The Potion Soothing Oil how to use for period cramps, muscle tension and stress

The Potion is all about slowing down for some well-deserved self-care. It’s not a product you quickly slap on while rushing out for the day. It’s a product that calls for—and deserves—a moment. Designed to be the center of a ritual, a beckon call for you to step away, close the door, and unwind using the power of touch to comfort yourself and honor your body. 

Use it on those days of monthly discomfort and any PMS moments leading up to it—or those self-care moments when you need it most. For a discreet and targeted soothing effect, The Potion can be gently massaged onto specific pressure points, such as your abdomen, lower back, wrists, and temples. A few drops can go a long way! Alternatively, you can apply a liberal amount (1–2 droppers full) on larger areas of your body for head-to-toe aromatherapeutic TLC.

Other ways to use it? Squeeze a few drops into your oil diffuser at home to fill the room with a relaxing scent, or add a few drops to a spray bottle and mist your pillow before bed. For an all-out treat, we recommend preparing a cup of hot tea inspired by The Potion ingredients—peppermint leaves, lavender, and bergamot flowers. While it brews, gently massage the soothing oil all over, using firm but loving circular movements. Gently rub small drops on the temples, before sitting back and enjoying your herbal tea. The aromas will transport you into a blissful haven. You deserve it, after all. 

*Consult a physician before use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

What’s In It

The Potion Soothing Oil IngredientsHere are some of the super-power ingredients in The Potion and their benefits:
  • HEMPSEED OIL: Renowned for its unusually high content of a unique Omega fatty acid that helps to support natural relief from discomfort. Hemp seed is also rich in Magnesium (2x as much as dark chocolate!) which acts to soothe crampy muscles.
  • LAVENDER OIL: Lavender is the most famous Essential Oil (EO) for soothing and promoting relaxation when massaged topically or when its calming scent is inhaled.
  • CLARY SAGE OIL: Linked to promoting feminine wellbeing, this essential oil gives a warming sensation when massaged, and is known to help ease crampy muscles. Known for its euphoric effect, it is used in aromatherapy to alleviate stress by creating a sense of well-being.
  • BERGAMOT OIL: Bergamot’s scent is so uplifting that it's seen as one of the best EOs for boosting mood. Its reputed ability to reduce sensitivity makes for ultra-relaxing massages.
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL: Often utilized in traditional medicine, Eucalyptus works to soothe achy muscles and discomfort when massaged onto skin and when its scent is inhaled.
  • ARNICA EXTRACT: Popular in folk medicine, it contains natural antioxidants and is usually applied externally to support soothing feelings of aches and discomfort.
The Potion Soothing Oil for periods

What We Love Most About The Potion 

  • FORMULATED WITH HER WELLNESS IN MIND: The Potion is dermatologist approved. Our products never contain hormone disruptors, such as sulphates, paragons or phthalates. We only use the good stuff.
  • INSPIRED BY ANCIENT THERAPEUTIC PRACTICES: Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to restore balance and improve wellbeing by providing relief from anxiety and distraction from pain. Massage therapy is also used to relieve tension in tight and contracting muscles. As period cramps stem from the painful contraction of the uterus, abdominal massages may also reduce their severity. The creation of The Potion was based on the combination of these two therapies into a ritual that pays homage to the human sense of touch and smell.
  • MADE WITH 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Potion is a 100% natural alternative for those seeking to take the edge off monthly period woes and discomfort.
  • SMELLS LUXURIOUS: The calming scent of The Potion will leave you in total comforted bliss. Oils extracted from lavender and clary sage plants have a local soothing effect, one that is amplified when applied by massage. Research has shown their ability to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase serotonin (the feel-good hormone) when their scent is inhaled.  

How To Get It

The Potion Soothing Oil ingredients and bottles

The Potion comes in a 30ml bottle for $32 and can be purchased from the Shop The Potion page. Purchases of The Potion comes with free shipping on the KETISH website. 

We hope you love it as much as we do! 





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