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5 Beautiful Things About Women That Have Nothing to Do with Looks

5 Beautiful Things About Women That Have Nothing to Do with Looks

by Shelby Thomas


There’s no denying it, embracing and expressing your outer beauty can feel amazing. You know the vibe: You’re rocking your favorite mascara while your heels click against the pavement. You hold your head a bit higher, knowing you nailed the perfect contour. Maybe you’re trying out a new skin care line that has your face looking softer than ever. Sneakers or stilettos, full glam or all natural-the details aren’t important. The beautiful part is when this outward expression feels authentic and empowering to you. That’s where the magic lies.

While we, as women, deserve to celebrate all aspects of our appearance, we are also strengthened by the reminder that the way we look is just one small aspect of who we are. In a world where, from a young age, we are praised, criticized, glorified, and scrutinized constantly for our physical appearance, it’s a dazzling act of rebellion to ground ourselves in self-love and appreciation for our whole selves. This isn’t the classic, ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’ speech because, well, yawn. Instead, think of this as an overdue love letter to the radiant, alluring, gorgeous parts of you that rest beneath the surface. 

Here are some of the most disarmingly beautiful things about women that have absolutely nothing to do with the way we look; a loving declaration dedicated to the femininity present in all beings, regardless of gender identity or expression. 


1. Our diverse abilities

If there’s a limit to the hobbies, professions, and activities women can master, we must have missed the memo. We are skaters, teachers, designers, counselors, accountants, doctors, and bakers. 

We write essays, emails, and encouraging texts. 

We read novels, maps, and recipes. 

We draw anime, belly breaths, and bubble baths. 

We do make up, yoga, and, always, our best. 

The array of our collective talents is absolutely stunning, and we strengthen every industry with our contributions. Yes, this is the part where you sit up a little taller and invite a smile. You are incredible. In fact, take a moment right now to reflect on your skills and passions, there’s no action too small to celebrate. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll get comfortable. This could take a while… ;)


2. Our unique energy

You have an energy that is uniquely yours. It is felt every time you walk into a room, a glow that precedes you. This expression of your soul is unspoken, yet it carries a bold, vibrating message that is authentically yours. Now, if you’re not big into energy work or actively fighting an eye roll, no worries… think of it like this: Have you ever met someone, maybe a close friend or colleague, with whom you immediately feel at ease? Before knowing anything about her, you felt light and encouraged in her presence. That was her energy at work. Women simply radiate power when we cultivate peace and love within ourselves. It’s captivating and helps us to leave a kind, loving impact on everyone we encounter. How gorgeous is that? 


3. We nurture life

To the best friends who share secrets, stories, and memes, there is a timeless ease to your bond. Your natural connection brings joy and comfort to life. To the green goddesses who help plants sip water and soak in sunlight, you generate oxygen and peace. You cultivate a sacred connection to nature. To the pet parents who generously offer extra treats, belly rubs, and high-pitched affection, happiness follows you. Your companionship fosters energy and play in the world. To the boss babes who share creativity in boardrooms and meetings, your innovative ideas are a gift to all who listen. You inspire the next generation. To the caretakers who don’t take but give, your time and dedication is an enduring source of strength. You fortify your community with compassion. And to the fierce mamas, aunties, and sisters who birth, raise, adopt, and care for children, you are simply divine. Your devotion makes a world of difference for the little ones you support and paves a future in which they’ll flourish.

Queens, we cultivate and encourage vitality in so many ways. Let us always celebrate the beauty and growth that we support each day. 


4. The way we come together

There’s something extraordinary about the capacity women have to support one another. It’s deep. It’s spiritual. We unapologetically create intimate spaces to honor our emotions. This time is intentional, protected, and celebrated; we bring blankets and snacks. Like a warm embrace, we offer advice and insight meant to motivate positive change. We build together. We encourage one another. When goals are met and dreams are achieved, we smile knowing that we represent women and girls everywhere. Our stories are inextricably intertwined, a pulsing reminder that we are stronger together. 


5. Our resilience

The aforementioned qualities, with all their magic and beauty, do not exist in a vacuum. Rather, they manage to forge on in a world where sexism, discrimination and microaggressions toward women persist. Through it all, we navigate with grace and strength. A sort of hardening is to be expected, a shell made of pain and anger to serve as protection; a shield from the unsettling looks, subtle biases, off-color remarks, and shameful violence we’ve never deserved. Still, somehow… valiantly, we manage to fight on, healing ourselves and helping each other along the way. We preserve a space for softness, for love. We maintain our power. We shine anyway.

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Heather B. - June 29, 2022

That was absolutely beautiful and uplifting! Thank you!

Ana - June 29, 2022

Amazing!!! Thank you for these beautiful words of encouragement!!!❤️❤️❤️

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