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15 Affirmations to Feel Sexier in Your Own Skin

15 Affirmations to Feel Sexier in Your Own Skin

by Shelby Thomas


You deserve someone in your life who reminds you of your innate worth; an unwavering source of support who loves to hype you all the way up. This person helps you to tap into your feminine energy with confidence and power. This person is your BFF, partner-for-life, and the ultimate cheerleader. Yep, you guessed it, this person is you. 

Self affirmations have the ability to cultivate optimism, provide a sense of grounding, and make you feel like the powerful, sexy individual that you are! Sometimes though, these mantras are couched as flimsy, hyper-positive statements akin to empty compliments. This description, however, totally ignores their helpful role in countering the judgmental and limiting beliefs that are so often imposed on women. 

One could argue (it’s me, I’m ‘one’) that women are made to feel guilty and even ashamed to feel sexy in their own skin. Affirmations call bullshit. They encourage the collective unlearning of negative thought patterns around our sensuality, our sexuality, and our intimate self-love. 

From sticky notes on your bathroom mirror to resetting the background of your phone, there are many fun ways to incorporate affirmations into your daily life. The key is to pick a phrase that resonates with you and refreshes your energy. Come up with your own or take a peek at the list below to boost your confidence and recognize that you are sexier than ever! 

  • My body is beautiful.
  • I treat myself with respect and require others to do the same.
  • My skin is luscious.
  • I am becoming my best self.
  • I radiate confidence.
  • My body belongs to me. 
  • My curves are captivating.
  • No one does it quite like me. 
  • My self-worth does not depend on anyone else’s approval.
  • My energy is contagious.
  • Their opinions about my body have nothing to do with me.
  • My vibe is uniquely my own.
  • Comparison isn’t welcome here.
  • Self-love looks good on me.
  • My body is my closest and best friend. 

  • We are human, so we may not always feel like the gorgeous goddesses that we are, and that’s okay! Even though that negative voice in your head just LOVES to tell lies (eyeroll), you’re bravely responding by rewriting the narrative. Starting now, during those moments of self-doubt, let’s remind ourselves of the affirmations above. Babe, I wouldn’t lie to you; you are absolutely stunning and that’s worth shouting from the rooftops. Now, I’m pretty sure there’s only one thing left to do: Turn on your favorite song, shake that gorgeous body in the mirror, and celebrate the beauty that is you.

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    Nani - June 29, 2022

    At 88 years of age I find it difficult to attest to these affirmations, but what the heck, it feel so good!!

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